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CfAR is hard charging like Patton, 
and inspired by the authentic conservatives of 1776–including Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry. 

We promote, above all, Americans’ inalienable rights, a responsible banking system, policies that promote the productive, not speculative uses of capital, truly competitive markets and responsible support for the poor.

Here are our positions on 9 key issues.

We say no:

No Marxist social engineering, including the implementation of Critical Race Theory, in our public schools! Have courses that reveal the evil of Marxism, however. 

Science, not politics, should drive covid public policy. America (and many other countries) appear to be in the throes of a massive overreaction. Because government has hardly made the case that the present array of covid “vaccines” are high benefit and low risk, let each family or individual take or not take the profferred “vaccines,” as they see fit. 

Stakeholder capitalism–“ESG” (Environment, Social Values and Governance) scoring–is a Marxist invention and, if not stopped, will lead to the end of private property and onset of communism in short order. “Stakeholders”–the global elite–score businesses and individuals for what we invest in and purchase. If you invest in or purchase from “woke” companies, you score high. If you don’t, if, say, you invest in fossil-fuel companies, then you score low. Low scores mean you are denied credit from banks!

The US should not be giving away its sovereignty to international bodies, such as the World Health Organization (WHO). See our related Blog articles. 

We say yes:

Life begins at conception. What exceptions can be granted? We must protect the defenseless unborn. 

George Washington was right. Gun ownership is “liberty’s teeth”! 

Shareholder capitalism is part and parcel of the American way. Those who hold (own) stocks in a company should decide the fate of the company. 

Competition is crucial in most circumstances! Let there be a roll back of monopolies, cartels and riggings of the system, including in the most consequential of all industries–banking. 

Hosea 4:6–“My people perish for lack of knowledge”–sadly applies to the supremely important banking policy. A great many are unhappy with the Federal Reserve System (Fed). But how many are aware of the full range of alternatives to the Fed (or ways to reform or enhance the Fed), including America’s diverse experiments in banking systems from 1690 down to today? CfAR encourages Americans to be open-minded about banking, to first learn the facts about banking alternatives and to work together to establish a banking system worthy of the greatest nation on earth.

CfAR’s founder ran for the US House. He thought he was sufficiently prepared. PhD. Public-policy practitioner. Published a tabloid and wrote a book about what he sensed was wrong in government, just before his campaign. Didn’t win, but stayed in the fight. Kept digging. Discovered that our “conservative” leaders, thinks tanks and press are NOT telling us all that they should. Why not?! Found the ROOT CAUSE of America’s distress. Found the ROOT SOLUTION. Sought authentic conservative solutions, in all aspects of public-policy. Now shares the TRUTH, while time remains. Join us! 

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There may be no more important short paper to read than this. “Primed For A Glorious Resurgence” can be found in the short-paper section of our catalog. 

America Is in Peril but
There Is Hope!

America is in danger as never before. “The Great Reset” is about eliminating private property, for everyone but the global elite, as early as 2030. Every American must tackle this issue, no matter what else is done. This issue affects all other issues in America. Toward the end of tackling this issue, we must learn to think like authentic conservatives of the early republic. One state in America—North Dakota—has followed the precepts of authentic conservatism from 1919 down to today. The other 49 states should march alongside North Dakota and build upon their example. Find out how!
Our mission is to distill a vast amount of information and enable you to stand up to the “experts” who have been letting America down. Also, we convey a handy methodology that takes the measure of leaders and groups. Finally, we share with you brilliant local, state and national solutions that our “leaders” either dont know or wont convey.



It’s Time For 
American Leadership

How can rank-and-file conservatives and traditional-family supporters enjoy a numerical superiority over everyone else in America, yet the country be in such distress? I fear that top conservative leadership, think tanks and press must be letting us down. What is more, it seems that the conservative movement has been suffering from an unfounded, tacit division of labor. Rank-and-file are to handle the “easy-to-understand” issues, such as Critical Race Theory or the unborn or gun ownership. The great professionals are to handle the “complex” issues, such as economic policy. Well, the professionals have failed us; they are prone to globalist thinking. It’s time that rank-and-file exert themselves on both easy-to-understand and complex issues. And because school districts are the fundamental rallying point of politics, school board activists have a special role to play. 

Founders’ documents on a table inside
Independence Hall 

We reinforce leaders and aspiring leaders.

We train or assist those  politically involved or interested at all levels, elected officials, candidates, staff, other activists, teachers, students and more. Our tailored training is inspired by what rising leaders received in Rome and in early America. Our knowledge of policy, government, economics, history, elections, debate and oratory is world-class.