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  • Lessons of Patton’s Pivot — In December 1944, Patton executed one of the most brilliant maneuvers in history.
  • Undertaking The “Great Pivot” Today, albeit peacefully.
       (i) Lessons of Patton’s Pivot applied 
             to our present situation.
       (ii) Our opponents’ Grand Strategy.
       (iii) The necessary American Grand 

The origin and premise of
the Climate-Change Alarm  
The Great Reset’s
Achilles Heel

Klaus Schwab

The World Economic Forum’s (WEF’s)
Klaus Schwab is the chief spokesman
of The Great Reset.

Here are some of the things that Schwab has glibbly predicted:

“You will own nothing, and be happy, by 2030.”

“Everyone will have a chip implanted in them, by 2026.”

Lessons of Patton's Pivot

What many consider to have been General George S Patton’s most brilliant feat of leadership, took place before and during the Battle of the Bulge, in December 1944. Patton pivoted the strongest forces of his then Third Army across more than 100 miles in 48 hours, along narrow, icy roads, in one of the worst blizzards ever experienced in modern Europe. 

Lesson One
Patton carefully studied the enemy and prudently measured his own forces. Unlike Eisenhower and other top Allied commanders, Patton looked at the German Armed Forces as it really was. Patton inferred that they were not beaten. Also, he utilized all information at his disposal, to draw up realistic battle plans, prior the actual German offensive that began on December 16.

On December 19, Eisenhower gathered all his commanders together at Verdun. He asked if anyone could quickly reinforce the then reeling US First Army. Only Patton was ready to answer the call. Furthermore, he answered the call to just the right degree. 

Eisenhower asked Patton to send 6 divisions to the relief of the First Army. Patton understood that 3 of these divisions were in no shape to contribute, having endured heavy fighting in the fall. He only sent 3. Eisenhower wanted Patton to hurry but not to hurry too fast, fearing Third Army would arrive in bits and pieces. Patton knew exactly what he could do; he ordered 3 divisions to pivot and smash into the German southern flank at once. 

Lesson Two
Patton made up for numbers with speed. Eisenhower believed it would take twice as many forces as Patton actually delivered, to relieve the First Army. British General Montgomery, commander of 21st Army Group (2 British Army and 1st Canadian Army) said that Patton’s promised maneuver was “half-baked.” The Germans, fearing Patton, alone among the senior allied generals, expected it would take Patton twice as long to pivot his forces, as it actually took him. Patton gained the element of surprise, which, in turn, multiplied the strength that he possessed. 

Lesson Three
Patton rigorously trained the Third Army, including his intelligence staff. He forged a close relationship not only with the fighting man but also with his intelligence officers. So well prepared was the Third Army that when Eisenhower gave the green light to Patton to pivot and attack the Germans offensive forces, all it took was for Patton to give the pre-arranged code word to the staff of the Third Army. From that moment on, his army moved almost as a single soldier. (Patton had prepared for three different pivot movements, albeit all along his own northern flank; there were respectively three different code words.)

Lesson Four
Willpower was indispensible for Patton and his army.
The weather was awful; the distance to cover, great; the time, short. Patton drove his men and himself, as hard as he could. Unlike the bulk of the Allied forces, Patton and his army rightfully  acted as if the entire war, or much of it, was at stake. 

Legend and Other Information
The map, above, contains a partial legend (see Inset Box), indicating the siutation on the eve of the German offensive of December 1944.
A line bisected by “xxxxx”, indicate Allied or German Army Groups.
Dashed boxes, including “xxxx” atop, indicate German Armies.
Solid boxes, including “xxxx” atop, indicate Allied Armies. 
Patton commanded the Third Army, opposite the German First Army. His front line 
     was about 55 miles long, on the eve of the German offensive. His frontage would 
     more than double by December 21.
10 of the German’s 15 Panzer Divisions on the Western Front, which comprised the 
     German 5th and 6th Panzer Armies, “went missing” and were lost track of by 
     Allied Intelligence, for several weeks, prior to December 16. 
Patton’s own G2 (Intelligence Staff), under Oscar Koch, predicted the German 
     offensive, before it actually happened, and warned Patton on December 9. Patton 
     had 7 days to anticipate the offensive and ready his forces to pivot.
Red Arrows loosely approximate German advances in the Ardennes Forest, beginning
     on December 16.
Blue Stars approximately indicate the respective headquarters of the 3 divisions of 
     the Third Army that Patton would pivot, northwards. 
Blue Star near Metz (farthest west of the 3 Blue Stars) indicates HQ of the
     26th Infantry Division
Blue Star closest to German First Army indicates HQ of the 80th Infantry Division.
Blue Star farthest south indicates HQ of the 4th Armoured Division.
Blue lines loosely approximate the lines of march of the respective divisions of the
     Third Army.
Blue Arrow Tips indicate the approximate positions of the pivoted 3 divisions, on
     December 21 — a mere 48 hours after Eisenhower asked Patton to wheel north. 
Bastogne, being held by the 101st Airborne Division, and the most important 
     crossroads in the path of the advancing enemy forcese, would become
     surrounded and beseiged by German forces. 
Patton’s 4th Armoured Division would cut through German forces and break the 
     seige of Bastogne, on December 26. 

Undertaking The Great Pivot Today

To defeat The Great Reset, America needs to undertake a Great Pivot, nationwide. Moreover, we need to apply the aforementioned “Lessons of Patton’s Pivot.” And the vast number of decent Americans, including non-professional activists, such as pro-life, second amendment and school-board activists, need to act in the public square, like Patton’s Third Army, albeit peacefully. 

Aforementioned Lesson One Applied
First of all, it is crucial that we study the enemy and reflect upon ourselves. The globalists deploy “orthodox” forces and “unorthodox” forces against us. (Sun Tzu’s Art of War speaks of “orthodox” forces that engage the enemy and “unorthodox” forces that win.) The globalists pin down and distract the vast mass of honest, decent Americans, with their “orthodox” force. In other words, they unleash great numbers of radicals to battle us over easy-to-understand issues, such as the First and Second Amendments, Gender Transition and Critical Race Theory. At the same time, the globalists attack the top conservative leadership, including the conservative media, academia, think tanks and politicians, with their “unorthodox” force. Compared to the general public, the number of top conservative leaders and opinion shapers, is quite small. Yet, this small number has a massively disproportionate influence on the rest of us. Patronage in all its forms, but especially titles and money, tempts or confuses our leaders to go astray, especially in regard to the complex issues, such as climate change, vaccinations, currency and banking. Not all top conservative leaders and institutions have been swayed. Even so, a rotten division of labor hampers the conservative movement. The great mass of conservatives–especially non-professional activists and voters, are told directly or indirectly to “stay in their lanes,” and to engage the enemy on the easy-to-understand issues. Meanwhile, the professionals are to engage the foe on the complex issues, when, in reality, many of these professionals have been letting the country down. 

Whereas there are only several hundred, conservative think tanks and professional, opinion-shaping institutions, there are many times more, mostly volunteer organizations, numbering dozens, hundreds and even thousands of supporters. Furthermore, the vote for Trump in 2016 and 2020 clearly underscores that tens of millions of Americans want to be heard. The trouble is this vast mass of patriotism and constitutionalism is fragmented. It follows that we, the great many, need to come together in a practical way, mindful that we work for a living outside of politics, and we need to focus on the truly crucial, complex issues. We need to temper the trust we place in many top, professional organizations and in our political heroes, and become heroes ourselves. 

Having said all this, it is important that the public continue to address the easy-to-understand issues, as well. Just as Patton maintained his original front line, as well, we must continue to take stands on issues such as the first and second amendments, and public education. Obviously, a Great Pivot requires more sacrifice than we are accomustomed to. See Aforementioned Lesson Four Applied, below.

Aforementioned Lesson Two Applied 
We must act swiftly. Our present predicament, as a nation and republic, is no less severe than what Patton and his army faced. The Great Reset is about rubbing out America, freedom and modern life. If you havent done so already, it is worth looking at “The Dire Threats That The Great Reset Poses.” 

Aforementioned Lesson Three Applied
We must be trained to fight as a peaceful army in the public square. It goes without saying that this training must be practicable, which, in turn, means it must be offered for several levels of leadership and activism. Those of us who have put together this document are, we believe, trained at the highest level. We are ready to serve as “top gun” instructors. We offer advanced, intermediate and basic level training, vis-à-vis crucial, complex issues. This free document is intended to serve as basic-level training. Most Americans may only have time to peruse this document and receive this training. Our intermediate training is meant to elevate you, in core areas, to the level of a typical think-tank analyst or member of Congress. It takes about a dozen hours to complete intermediate training. We liken it to the Navy’s top gun program or, being consistent with the Patton analogy, you have become a senior officer. Our advanced training is not necessarily a longer program, rather it delves deeper into some key public policies. Hereafter, you are a “top gun ace” or, if you will, a “general.”

A division of labor is suggested in regard to training. Form yourselves into a group of ten or better a hundred. Ideally, everyone would receive basic training. 1 or 2 members of your group might receive intermediate training. Several out of group of 100 might receive intermediate and advanced training. 

Aforementioned Lesson Four Applied

Because the Great Reset is far advanced, we must make unusual sacrifices to preserve freedom.
If, however, a great many will band together, as suggested above, each individual’s sacrifice need hardly be overwhelming. Best of all, each individual, acting in unison, can make a huge difference!

olid lines indicate the divide between American
     patriots, and the authors of the Great Reset and
     their minions. 
arge Rectangle is today’s equivalent of the
     Ardennes Forest and of vulnerable US forces
     found therein. In 1944, weak US divisions were
     were consigned “to rest” in the Ardennes. Some
     rest! The Germans pounced on them, with far
     superior forces. 
Inside the Rectangle are misguided, “conservative”
     think tanks and political leadership.  
Stars indicate valiant, conservative, “non-
     professional” activists, who up to now tackle
     simple-to-understand issues, such as 
     pro-life, second amendment, gender transition
     and Critical Race Theory in the schools.
Circles indicate valiant, conservative think tanks
     and political leaders.
Long Black Arrows indicate the globalist 
      “unorthodox” attack.
Short Black Arrows indicate the globalist “orthodox”
Blue Arrows constitute America’s Great Pivot! Here
      are non-professional activists who are taking
      on complex-issues, heretofore relegated to
      the “professionals,” who have been letting the
      country down.  

© Copyright, 2022, The Coalition for America’s Resurgence, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Inspiration and History

SDI is inspired and informed by the then US Senator John Quincy Adams, who, in the early 1800s, also chaired the very first Department of Classical Rhetoric, at the college level. Adams wanted to train American youth for greatness the way the Roman-republic elite trained their youth for greatness. He would even go one better, enhancing such training by faith in The Living God. Hence, the rigorous pursuit of Truth.

Tragically, American education in general and even the thriving student forensics circuit falls short of what it could be, in no small part because the globalists hamper critical thinking in our schools. Notice the heavy emphasis in our schools on secondary sources, which, perforce, the globalists can manipulate and limit, through perverse funding.

From 2015 through 2020, SDI was in operation. We coached grades 6-12 and college. The emphasis was upon formal debate (Public Forum and Policy Debate) and upon Model Congress and Model UN. 

Once again, SDI would revive the dream of John Quincy Adams. Moreover, we would elevate our youth’s knowledge of history, economics, politics and government.

Ultimately, SDI’s programs revive the ancient paideia, wherein parent and child speak of the common good morning, noon and night. This is especially the case for homeschooling. Our government simulations are cross-generational. They involve youth and faculty, in other words, youth and parents-teachers.

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