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First is a 12-minute video.
The Great Reset is discussed in detail below the video.

Call To Action

Orientation ..

  • The Great Pivot Defined
  • Patton’s Exploits Are Relevant Today
  • The Great Pivot Study Guide
  • The Great Pivot and Teams of Ten
  • The Great Pivot and the Networkers
  • The Great Pivot and the Power of Ten
  • 4 Basic Steps to Defeat The Great Reset
  • Step 4 — Advance Teams
  • Legislative Objectives
    (i) The Great Pivot in
             Bullet Points
       (ii) Emphasis
       (iii) Our Proposed Bills
       (iv) Legislation we support or

The origin and premise of the
Climate-Change Alarm  
The Great Reset’s
Achilles Heel

Klaus Schwab

The World Economic Forum’s (WEF’s)
Klaus Schwab is the chief spokesman
of The Great Reset.

Here are some of the things that he has glibbly predicted:

“You will own nothing, and be happy, by 2030.”

“Everyone will have a chip implanted in them, by 2026.”

The Great Pivot Defined

Page One of this briefing examines The Great Reset, utilizing up-to-the-minute intelligence. The Great Reset threatens to destroy the American way of life and republic, in short order! Page Two of this briefing examines the Grand Strategy of the foe and our necessary Grand Strategy. Here, on Page Three of this briefing, specific counter action is recommended.  

We call this campaign The Great Pivot because we are urging the volunteer or grassroots activists to tackle not only the easy-to-understand issues, such as pro-life, gun ownership, Critical Race Theory in the schools and voting integrity, but also to tackle the vital, complex issues, such as climate change and covid-related, health care policy. The conservative movement has been harmed by the prevailing division of labor, whereby the “great” professionals handle the complex issues and we, the rank-and-file, focus upon the easy-to-understand issues. The professionals have not been doing their part as well as they could.

The Great Pivot is about both strengthening the grassroots, eg, pro-traditional-family groups, and a widening of their focus. Ultimately, it is about having the grassroots as a whole march to the sound of the loudest guns. 

Patton's Exploits Are Relevant Today




To learn why General Patton’s exploits
are relevant today, and why they
should inform the grand strategy
to stop the Great Reset,


The Great Pivot Study Guide

Informed by Classical Rhetoric–the art of persuasion which built Western civilization and launched our republic–Leadership Training Module 1 conveys vital, yet long-lost, fundamenetal critical-thinking techniques. The Marxists who have infested our schools have kept these techniques away from the public–until now! 

Learn more:– 

  • How to dissect any speech or written argument, even that found in a long book. 
  • How to go beyond a particular text and master any subject pertinent to public policy.
  • How to give an off-the-cuff or scripted elevator speech. 

In sum, learn skills that will help you comprehend the Great Reset and how to fight back and wake up others, while time remains.

This video instruction spans 2 hours and divides into 10 chapters.

This 194-page Report, including 22 pages of footnotes, breaks down the Great Reset, in all its lurid dimensions. This investigation goes back centuries, emphasizes the very recent past and foresees the near future.

Crucial in this investigation are relevant primary sources. You yourself can examine uninterpreted raw data and come to your own conclusions. 

Relevant passages in Scripture cast light on our predicament and show the way forward! 

This Prison Report goes hand in hand with the Climate Report.  

This 60-page report covers the history of the catastrophic-climate-change alarm, including its fraudulent origin and perpetuation. 

Also, the science of climate change is addressed, with the layman in mind.

Trace the idea for the Great Reset back more than 50 years and see how the globalists intend to reap the benefits of fossil-fuel for themselves and deny it to everyone else. 

The Climate Report is relevant for every American, and includes the case of Maryland’s “pioneering,” wrong-headed climate policy.

The Great Pivot and Teams of Ten

God forsaw it, as recorded in Hosea 4:6 — “My people perish for lack of knowledge!” It’s time to heed His call to learn! Through the Great Pivot’s Team of 10, ordinary, busy, hard-pressed citizens ascend to the mountaintop of relevant knowledge, where the survival of America is concerned. Together, we see far afield and deep into the secrets of science and statecraft. We learn much. We learn what our national leaders know or ought to know. 

Armed with those fundamental skills that built the West and early America, and dividing our labors so as to make the undertaking doable, 10 citizens, with no particular foreknowledge necessary, and 1 “top gun” instructor, adept in research and rhetoric and master of the ins and outs of the Great Reset, work as a team. 

The aforementioned Prison Report and Climate Report number about 250 pages. The truly crucial pages come to about 200 and 10 key subjects, however.  The way ahead is clear. Each of “the 10” apply themselves to but 20 pages. On occasion, “the 10” come together for an hour or two; the instructor facilitates; in time, the 10 approach the understanding of the 1. And one day, some or all of the 10 may take their places as top guns, in turn, facilitating the progress of their own teams. 

There is this practical and exciting integration of knowledge, among the 10 and 1. Furthermore, the Prison and Climate Reports become points of departure, and instruments of further exploration, including keeping abrest of relevant local, national and international developments. 

Knowledge is power. The growth in knowledge begets the Power of 10, as discussed further below. 


The Great Pivot Study Guide includes 
Handouts for each Subject Area.
For a particular subject, here are 
the top points. Also, the two or three
most relevant, primary sources are indicated.

The Great Pivot and the Networkers

Some Americans would get to the bottom of things. Some of them and others would spread the word and sound the alarm. 

While teams of 10 amass critical knowledge, networkers are brought together. These networkers are equipped with talking points and ice breakers. (Some acquire and read Reports, as well.) They circulate in the community.

Presumably, a networker cannot always handle questions about the Great Reset that are put to him or her. But a nearby team of 10 can handle those questions. 

The idea is to wake up people to the peril of the Reset, as fast as possible. The networkers’ word of mouth and the use of social media, have their roles to play. 

More networkers rally to the cause. More teams of 10 emerge. 

Petition drives come into view and become larger and larger. 

The lobby arm of The Coalition for America’s Resurgence is  able to assist with petition drives. 


The Great Pivot is teamwork! 
Organizations and individuals come together.
CfAR contributes the work of its 
think tank and lobby arm.
It stands up Hubs in strategic areas. 

The Great Pivot and the Power of Ten

The Great Pivot (campaign to defeat the Great Reset) is built around the power of ten. 

Through the “Power of Ten” you yourself can make a huge difference for the republic and freedom! 

The idea is to make your voice heard with ten of your friends in a short period of time. And ask that each of them do the same, with ten people that they know. 

The image on the right shows what happens when 1 citizen energizes 10, each of whom, in turn, energizes 10. 

It takes a mere 6 iterations for 1 citizen to beget an army of 1 million! 

Now, think across space. 

10 energized citizens, living in 10 different states, can beget 10 million energized citizens in 6 iterations.

Let each iteration take 5 weeks. Energize 2 people you know in a week. In one locale alone, 1 begets 1 million, in 30 weeks. 

We have it in our power to wake up our country in about six months!!! 

Step 4 — Advance Teams

Advance Teams operate in strategic areas–what are referred to, above, as Hubs

Advance Teams consist of the aforementioned Teams of 10 and Networkers

Whatever you do, complete steps 1, 2 and 3. For those who want to have an even greater impact, take step 4 and join an Advance Team. 

CfAR HQ, whose physical location is in Wilmington, Delaware, coordinates the Advance Teams, across the country.

Advance Teams are being formed, right now, across the country.

Members of an Advance Team need not reside in the same state. 

What an Advance Team Does
*  Helps CfAR HQ monitor, the UN, and federal, state and local governments. 
*  Helps gather petitions to be presented to  federal, state and local officials. 
*  Reinforces grassroots groups, such as those battling traditional issues, eg, prolife and 2A.

No matter where you live, there is an Advance Team
you can join.

Legislative Objectives


Proposed Legislation

Existing Legislation 

Defeat the UN Climate-Change Agenda
Defeat Mandated “Vaccinations”
Advance “Main-Street” Banking (Facsimiles
     of the North Dakota Banking System)
          Benefits of their system include
            a) interest payments cut in half
            b) money stays local
            c) money does not wind up in 
                 the hands of Wall Street 
Advance a National Infrastructure Bank
          Benefits include 
            a) $4 trillion in new federal
                 infrastructure funding
            b) no new taxes
            c) no new borrowing
            d) the Treasury Department makes 
                 a significant profit
Oppose a new Digital Currency.

Reinforce 2 state-level coalitions.
     1.  Pro-Fossil-Fuel-Industry Coalition
         of 15 States
     2.  Pro-Property-Rights Coalition of 
          of 15 States (This coalition opposes 
          Biden’s “30-by-30” federal seizure 
          of land and water, nationwide)

Help forge a new state and county level 
coalition that is opposed to Covid “Vaccine “Mandates.

Do everything possible to strengthen pre-existing pro-traditional-family, 2A,  school-board activism and voting integrity groups. This includes forging more and better ties between groups.


Oppose Paris Climate Accord
Support the reinstatement of Fair Access
     to Financial Services Regulation,
      originally care of the Trump

Oppose Maryland’s SB 528
Oppose Maryland’s Emergency Health
     Powers Act
Support CfAR’s own Climate Bill. (See
     Proposed Legislation.)
Support the enforcement of the Nuremberg 
     Code of 1947, and have its contents 
     and significance discussed in the public
Support making Ivermectin available, without a prescription. 
More to be announced.

Support CfAR’s own Bank Bill, ie, establishing 
    a facsimile of the North Dakota Banking
Support the enforcement of the Nuremberg 
     Code of 1947, and have its contents 
     and significance discussed in the public
Support making Ivermectin available, without a prescription. 
More to be announced.

Other States
To be announced.

Please continue

Questions? Call 302.300.9611

© Copyright, 2022, The Coalition for America’s Resurgence, Inc. All Rights Reseved.

Advance Teams go the extra distance to protect the republic and defeat The Great Reset. Moreover, there is an indispensible synergy between these teams and CfAR top leadership. We support them and they support us.

Join An Advance Team

What Mutual Support Entails

Choose One of Two Ways to Participate in an Advance Team:

(1) Join a Team of 10.
Purchase a copy of the Great Pivot Study Guide, for $69.50, which includes all fees—handling, shipping, online course platform and taxes. You will receive the Study Guide’s Prison Report and Climate Report, via USPS Ground Advantage. Online access to Leadership Training Module 1 is via link to We will offer you a choice of Teams of 10, whether local or online. Teams of 10 and 1 instructor meet three or more times. The Study Guide is a point of departure for our meetings. Often additional information is made available. Teams of 10 work in tandem with Networkers, too. All sales are final. On occasion, two or more Teams of 10 convene together.

(2) Become a Networker, which, in turn, will connect you to a Team of 10.
Invest $12.99. You will receive intelligence briefs, talking points and ice breakers, via email. You are able to advance the Great Pivot, backstopped by the expertise of the assigned Team of 10, and CfAR HQ. All sales are final.

The main point of the Hubs, including Teams of 10 and Networkers, is to advance the Power of Ten, as discussed in the Great Pivot Call to Action.

(3) Additional memberships, including additional leadership training, will be made available. (See, for instance, Leadership Training Modules Two and Three.) We have a rumble channel care of Dr Arminio’s “America Resurgent with Dr Joe Arminio.” Videos for our Locals channel are ready but not yet posted.

Questions: Please call the CfAR HQ, at 302.300.9611.

Donate to The Great Pivot, as well!

let’s work together

complete Step 2

Please open a line of communication with CfAR HQ. We will send occasional updates. We will
circulate petitions that are ultimately intended
for elected officials. What are you yourself encountering and achieving, as you complete step 2? Let us know, using the Message Box, below.

Give Us The Means

We Will Finish The Job!

Complete Step 3

Lobbying strategy

Why Begin in North Dakota, Oklahoma and Maryland?

The Great Pivot is about raising awareness and lobbying. This briefing of 3 pages is meant to raise awareness. Also, it spearheads lobbying at the federal, state and local levels. We suggest that lobbying at the state and local levels should begin in North Dakota, Oklahoma and Maryland. (Advance Teams outside these two states help Advance Teams inside them. They help knowing that much of what is done in Maryland, Oklahoma and North Dakota redounds very quickly to their benefit, too, right in their own respective states.)\In fact, the CfAR HQ already is lobbying in Maryland and has established a presence in North Dakota and Oklahoma. Apart from the federal level, why begin in these three states?
The idea is to start, at a minimum, with one Red state and one Blue State. 

Regarding the importance of North Dakota, see the two interviews of Dr Arminio, on BEK TV of North Dakota. To see the shorter interview, on “No Apologies,” click here. To see the longer interview,” on “Ladies of Another View,” click here
 Oklahoma is situated at the crossroads of America. It is manageable (numbering about 3 million people). It shares a border with immensely influential Texas. Surrounded by Red states, initiatives that catch on in conservative Oklahoma are bound to fire up conservatives elsewhere. Arch-conservative North Dakota and its incredibly successful and instructive banking system, is not far away from Oklahoma.


Oklahoma is already doing 2 of 4 important things to fight The Great Reset. It is a member of 2 vital coalitions of states (pro-fossil-fuel and pro-property-rights). It is a slacker regarding vaccine mandates, however. Its banking system would get a tremendous boost, were it to take on a facsimile of what North Dakota has. In view of all this, CfAR is positioned to lobby in Oklahoma in the areas of mandates and banking.
Maryland has been called the California of the East. Maryland, like Oklahoma, is manageable. Its population numbers about 6 million. More importantly, its land mass is not that extensive, ranking 42nd in size among the 50 states. If we can significantly influence Maryland, we can significantly influence any Blue state. There is the added bonus that Maryland shares a border with the District of Columbia. Some of the very forces that can be mobilized in Maryland, can reinforce our efforts in the nation’s capital. Last but not least, the CfAR HQ lies close to Maryland’s capital, Annapolis, and to Washington, DC. 


Is it at all surprising that Maryland is at or near the forefront of those states that are most in step with The Great Reset? Even so, there are arch-conservative legislators in Annapolis. and there are solid conservative counties. One of our missions, in Maryland, is to link up its sensible leaders with the leadership in Oklahoma (and in other Red states).

The Great Pivot
in Bullet Points

The graphic that follows is NOT meant to be step by step, public-policy action. It is set down in order of effect, the biggest effect on top. In crafting a grassroots plan of action, start with the Anchors on the graphic.

Priority 1, attack the Achilles’ heel of the Great Reset, ie, the fraudulent Climate-Change alarm.

Priority 2, promote the Nuremberg Code.

Priority 3, join hands with preexisting Coalitions that are already fighting an aspect of the Great Reset.

Priority 4, promote the North Dakota Banking System. 


  • Actions are in order of effect, the most impactful on top. 
  • Priority actions are in red. 
  • Red Anchors indicate actions that are (initially) most needed in Red States (Republican-leaning).
  • Blue Anchors indicate actions that are (initially) most needed in Blue States (Democrat-leaning). 
  • Presently, CfAR HQ is advancing priority actions vis-à-vis Maryland (Blue State),  Oklahoma and North Dakota (Red States).


           Total Debt Ratio = (Private Debt + Public Debt)/GDP

   Additional Information

Top Gun Ace Instruction is also the Course called
            “Bringing About America’s Resurgence.”

CfAR Proposed Bill


To Remove State X from all Climate-Change-Alarm legislation

A bill to remove Maryland from all Climate-Change-Alarm legislation, by all means possible.

Whereas the premises of the climate-change alarmists have never been proven.

Whereas the claims that catastrophic global warming is taking place, that carbon-emission from fossil-fuel use is causing a rise in global temperatures and that fossil-fuel use must be drastically reduced or mankind will perish, have no scientific consensus behind them.  

Whereas the climate-change alarmists have not undertaken good science, namely, have neither rigorously tested their preferred hypothesis (man is driving climate change) nor the “null” hypothesis (nature is driving climate change).

Whereas the climate-change alarm is, in fact, a colossally funded, propaganda campaign.

Whereas it is very likely that some immeasurably wealthy, out-of-touch elitists, from a number of places around the world, are behind the campaign.

Whereas the continued roll out of climate-change-alarm legislation is draining the world economy of its lifeblood—fossil fuel—which, in turn, jeopardizes the whole basis of modern civilization and our advanced way of life. 

Whereas the upshot of the alarm legislation will harm the great many in several ways, including (1) result in prohibitive energy and food prices, (2) eliminate all manner of modern conveniences which depend upon oil-derivatives, (3) put at risk the institution of private property, and (4) assist in the buildup of a false religion whereby the creation and not the Creator are worshipped.

Whereas the alarm legislation is especially harmful to the poor and inflicting upon them the gravest injustice, and ever increasing the ranks of the poor, pulling down the middle class. 

Whereas good stewardship of the earth is important and can continue to be assured without a mandated reduction in the use of fossil fuels.

Be it thereby enacted that Maryland (a) repeal the three climate-change-alarm laws that the Maryland General Assembly heretofore has passed, namely, the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reductions Acts of 2009 and 2016, and the Climate Solutions Now Act of 2022, and (b) put forth no new climate-change-alarm legislation of any kind and (c) petition the federal government to remove Maryland and the other 49 states from the Paris Climate Accord and to cease and desist from entering into other climate-change-alarm, international accords, understandings and treaties.


All the propositions contained in this bill, except the proposition about religion, are substantiated in the CfAR 49-page Report entitled How The Climate-Change Agenda Is Destroying America: A Cast Study. To read about the UN COP 27 is to see how the climate-change agenda is siring a false religion. 

CfAR Proposed Bill

Health Bill

A Bill calling upon State X to Enforce the Nuremberg Code of 1947 by every means possible.

A Bill Whereby Maryland Enforces the Nuremberg Code of 1947.

Whereas Nazi Germany conducted all manner of obscene medical experiments on countless people.

Whereas the United States and its allies won the Second World War and overthrew the diabolical Nazis.

Whereas the United States and its allies resolved never to allow a repetition of atrocities of the type inflicted by Hitler and the SS, including the conduct of medical experiments on people without their consent or knowledge or both.

Whereas the United States and its allies codified their determination to protect peoples for all time, and everywhere, in every country, from involuntary medical experiments.

Whereas the United States and its allies chose Nuremberg, the scene of the infamous Nazi rallies and the very place where Hitler and his party henchmen boasted of their power before all the world, to be the place to determine and declare a well-reasoned code of medical ethics, meant to distinquish responsible and irresponsible medical experiments, for time immemorial.

Whereas the aforementioned code of ethics was crafted in 1947, termed the Nurember Code of 1947 and informed the Allied Military Tribunal that tried Nazi doctors. 

Whereas the Nuremberg Code of 1947 has been reinforced by (a) the World Medical Association’s Declaration of Helsinki, in 1964, (b) an act of Congress—the National Research Act of 1974, (c) Institutional Review Boards set up in US academia and hospitals, as a consequence of the National Research Act and (d) the World Health Organization’s Institutional Ethical Standards for Biomedical Research involving Human Subjects, as of 1993. 

Whereas the Tuskegee experiments, conducted on Black Males, from 1934 to 1972, appear to have been a clear breach of the principles, as set down in the Nuremberg Code of 1947; moreover, these experiments prompted the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People to file a lawsuit on behalf of the subjects of the experiment, which the NAACP won. 

Whereas the roll out of the covid-19, experimental gene therapy—the covid “vaccines”–may have been conducted in many places in a manner that breached the Nuremberg Code of 1947.

Whereas climate geoengineering, including chem trails and 5G, may have been conducted and may now be conducted in contravention of the Nuremberg Code of 1947.

Be it enacted that Maryland petition the Federal Government to investigate any possible breach of the Nuremberg Code of 1947, to make the findings of this investigation public and to reaffirm to all the world that it will honor, uphold and enforce the Nuremberg Code of 1947; and that Maryland will investigate any possible breach of the Nuremberg Code of 1947 on its soil, below its soil and in the air above it, will make the findings of its investigation public, will reaffirm that it will honor, uphold and enforce the Nuremberg Code of 1947 on its soil, below its soil and in the air above it, and, finally, will cause the public schools of Maryland, for grades 8 through 12, to assign readings addressing the immense significance of the Nuremberg Code of 1947, including its origin, language, enforcement, breaching and (hopefully) reaffirmation, and to set aside two hours of discussion about the Code, for grades 8 through 12, every year.

Copyright © 2023, The Coalition for America’s Resurgence, Inc. All Rights Reserved. (CfAR would gladly wave its rights, were this language adopted. And, we would gratefully entertain a modified bill.)

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CfAR Proposed Bill


A Bill to establish a facsimile of the North Dakota Banking system in State x

Whereas the North Dakota Banking System has been a stunning success, ever since its establishment in 1919.

Whereas North Dakota has been among the most conservative states in the country for decades and mostly all its residents have approved of the state’s banking system, since 1919.

Whereas the North Dakota Banking System (NDBS) consists of the state-owned Bank of North Dakota (BND) and about 40 private community banks.

Whereas the BND backstops, with loans, North Dakota’s community banks, with great effect.

Whereas there are many examples of the superiority of the NDBS, compared to other banking systems, including many nationwide or regional crises wherein North Dakotans weathered the economic-financial storms far better than other states.

Whereas the most famous example of the superiority of the NDBS came during the Great Depression, wherein North Dakotans kept their farms and businesses, while great numbers had to flee Oklahoma.

Whereas Main Street in North Dakota is far better served than Main Street in any other state.

Whereas North Dakota keeps far more of its money within its own state and yields far less of its money to Wall Street, than any other state.

Whereas North Dakotans are accustomed to paying far less on interest for loans than neighboring states.

Whereas North Dakotans have a far easier time of securing capital than those in other states.

Whereas a banking system of the NDBS-type, because it is less dependent on Wall Street and global banks, is far better positioned to resist the dictates of social credit scoring, than any other state.

Be is so enacted that State X should establish a facsimile of the NDBS as soon as practicable.

Inspiration and History

SDI is inspired and informed by the then US Senator John Quincy Adams, who, in the early 1800s, also chaired the very first Department of Classical Rhetoric, at the college level. Adams wanted to train American youth for greatness the way the Roman-republic elite trained their youth for greatness. He would even go one better, enhancing such training by faith in The Living God. Hence, the rigorous pursuit of Truth.

Tragically, American education in general and even the thriving student forensics circuit falls short of what it could be, in no small part because the globalists hamper critical thinking in our schools. Notice the heavy emphasis in our schools on secondary sources, which, perforce, the globalists can manipulate and limit, through perverse funding.

From 2015 through 2020, SDI was in operation. We coached grades 6-12 and college. The emphasis was upon formal debate (Public Forum and Policy Debate) and upon Model Congress and Model UN. 

Once again, SDI would revive the dream of John Quincy Adams. Moreover, we would elevate our youth’s knowledge of history, economics, politics and government.

Ultimately, SDI’s programs revive the ancient paideia, wherein parent and child speak of the common good morning, noon and night. This is especially the case for homeschooling. Our government simulations are cross-generational. They involve youth and faculty, in other words, youth and parents-teachers.