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Primed For Resurgence

This ebook shares early America’s solution to what ails our country today. Moreover, it bears good news. Momentum is already building to impliment our noblest forefathers’
solution now! Unfasten the chains of ignorance with which
the globalists have bound the conservative movement for
more than 250 years. 

What Membership Means

  • Trusting Christ. And He said unto us, “The Truth will set you free.” John 8:32. Be a part of an organization that takes Christ to heart.
  • Taking Courage. Support an organization, based in Delaware, that has a nation-wide reach, that takes on the supreme issue of our time, that takes on all other issues in the light of the supreme issue, that gathers all the relevant facts, that marshals all the relevant history and that tugs on the coat sleeves of elected officials and candidates to do what is right for the republic and her citizens.
  • Knowledge. “My people perish for lack of knowledge.” Hosea 4:6. Draw upon the unusual knowledge of an organization that has been in operation for 25 years and whose founder has worked in the public square for 40 years. This organization and its founder has forever gone where the evidence takes them, regardless of what the conventional wisdom may be.
  • United We Stand. There is strength in numbers; there are far more good people than bad. We have but to come together to overcome evil!
  • Proportional Effort. Several issues–one above all–will decide the fate of the United States, many other issues demand attention. Learn how to balance your own commitment to liberty. 
  • Access. What are federal and state legislators intending? What is the foul World Economic Forum intending? What are the leaders of the conservative movement intending? What is the conservative press conveying and what might they be missing? Join an organization that gives you the mountaintop perspective.  
  • Amplify Your Voice. End your frustration. Act in concert with others who “get it,” and who are not interested in wasted efforts and being diverted from primary goals. 

What You Get

  • Free access to Tier 2 of Dr Arminio’s Locals, found at the Rumble Channel, “America Resurgent with Dr Joe Arminio.”
  • 5% off any CfAR Ebook or Course.
  • Monthly and emergency invitations to our exclusive members Red State and Blue State Meetings, via ZOOM. 
  • And more.

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