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Primed For Resurgence

This ebook shares early America’s solution to what ails our country today. Moreover, it bears good news. Momentum is already building to impliment our noblest forefathers’
solution now! Unfasten the chains of ignorance with which
the globalists have bound the conservative movement for
more than 250 years. 

What Membership Means

  • Pursuing Victory. This is no rearguard action, as sadly characterizes so many “conservative” endeavors, nowadays. We’re not accommodating anyone, if the republic is not well served. Nor are we “staying in our lane,” and confining ourselves to simple issues. We take on the supreme issue (monetary policy, currency and banking) and take on all other issues in the light of the supreme issue. Above all, we wield the best arguments; we champion the best solutions.
  • Cultivating Energetic Leadership. We are not about training individuals to be mere cogs in the wheel, and to turn out rote leaders whom the “great” think tanks hand their talking points. We cultivate the combination thinker-doer of the Patton type or MacArthur type. We do our own research, including working the primary sources, thank you. We show our students and clients where to find and how to work the primary sources, as well, and how to maximize the attack.  
  • Strategic Vision. Although based in a very small state (Delaware), we have generated a very big, moreover, nation-wide vision. Our organization has promoted the national interest, writ large, for 25 years. Our founder draws from more than 40 years experience in the public square, and has worked at both the federal and state levels. Our team’s expertise ranges across politics, business and science.
  • United We Stand. There is strength in numbers; there are far more good people than bad. We have but to come together to overcome evil!
  • Amplify Your Voice. End your frustration. Act in concert with others who “get it,” and who are not interested in wasted efforts and being diverted from primary goals. 

What You Get

  • Pressure applied strategically vis-a-vis federal and state governments.  Presently, this pressure pertains to “buying-time” issues, as discussed on our Issues Page. Ultimately, there will be a push to resolve the “supreme”  issue. 
  • At the federal level, pressure comes mostly through the publication of hard-hitting information. It includes efforts to lobby members of Congress whose districts overlap with state governments wherein we lobby. 
  • At the state level, we begin with Maryland, and will soon lend support in Oklahoma. The main idea is to encourage Red States outside of North Dakota to attain to the conservative level of North Dakota and to encourage Blue States to catch up to the present level of most Red States. 
  • Big-Picture View. What are federal and state legislators intending? What is the foul World Economic Forum intending? What are the leaders of the conservative movement intending? What is the conservative press conveying and what might they be missing? We convey the mountaintop perspective.  
  • Access to the members-only Briefing Room on the Issues page.
  • Free access to Tier 2 of Dr Arminio’s Locals, found at the Rumble Channel, “America Resurgent with Dr Joe Arminio.” (Launch of this Locals is TBA.)
  • Five% off any CfAR or IfAR ebook or course.
  • Monthly and emergency invitations to our exclusive members Red State and Blue State Meetings, via ZOOM. 

Action Teams

  • Paid Members of our lobby arm (CfAR), from anywhere in the US, are invited to join our Action Teams.
  • Presently, our heaviest emphasis is upon Maryland and some emphasis upon Oklahoma. You need not live in either of these two states to help our teams.
  • Our teams promote meaningful legislation and resolutions
  • Backstopping our teams are CfAR materials, briefings and courses. 
  • The Members-Only Briefing Room includes details of the goals and operations of our teams. 
A one-time payment of $35 entitles you to Primed For Resurgence and How The Climate-Change Agenda Is Destroying America: A Case Study, and all other membership benefits through January 31, 2023. 

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