Joe Arminio

Wilmington, Delaware




Dr Arminio testified in Bismark, North Dakota, regarding several bills in the North Dakota legislature on March 13 and 14, and, upon his return, via ZOOM on March 14.

Jim Crawford spoke on behalf of CfAR at the Charles County Republican Womens Club on March 14.

Dr Arminio represented CfAR at CPAC on March 2 and 3.

A large contingent of CfAR participated in the Charles County Lincoln Dinner on March 1.

On February 7, the Charles County Republican Central Committee endorsed several CfAR Great-Pivot proposed bills, by a vote of 9-0.

Dr Arminio addressed the Baltimore Country, Maryland, Republican Womens’ Club on January 14, 2023. See the Club’s Facebook page, for a video recording of the event.

On January 13, 2023, CfAR launched the Great Pivot Campaign, to defeat the Great Reset. See The page is password protected. Contact CfAR HQ, for the password. 

On September 4, 2022, we launched our Rumble Channel — America Resurgent with Dr Joe Arminio. published our article entitled “Staring into the Abyss of World Government,” on June 9.

We posted Blog articles, on May 20 and June 2!

Over the past several months, we have been talking to a great many activists in the following states–Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, Nebraska, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. We are grateful for the warm receptions that have greeted us! And grateful that Americans everywhere are waking up to the danger and challenge facing the country and doing something about it! 

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Inspiration and History

SDI is inspired and informed by the then US Senator John Quincy Adams, who, in the early 1800s, also chaired the very first Department of Classical Rhetoric, at the college level. Adams wanted to train American youth for greatness the way the Roman-republic elite trained their youth for greatness. He would even go one better, enhancing such training by faith in The Living God. Hence, the rigorous pursuit of Truth.

Tragically, American education in general and even the thriving student forensics circuit falls short of what it could be, in no small part because the globalists hamper critical thinking in our schools. Notice the heavy emphasis in our schools on secondary sources, which, perforce, the globalists can manipulate and limit, through perverse funding.

From 2015 through 2020, SDI was in operation. We coached grades 6-12 and college. The emphasis was upon formal debate (Public Forum and Policy Debate) and upon Model Congress and Model UN. 

Once again, SDI would revive the dream of John Quincy Adams. Moreover, we would elevate our youth’s knowledge of history, economics, politics and government.

Ultimately, SDI’s programs revive the ancient paideia, wherein parent and child speak of the common good morning, noon and night. This is especially the case for homeschooling. Our government simulations are cross-generational. They involve youth and faculty, in other words, youth and parents-teachers.

let’s work together

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Please open a line of communication with CfAR HQ. We will send occasional updates. We will
circulate petitions that are ultimately intended
for elected officials. What are you yourself encountering and achieving, as you complete step 2? Let us know, using the Message Box, below.

Advance Teams go the extra distance to protect the republic and defeat The Great Reset. Moreover, there is an indispensible synergy between these teams and CfAR top leadership. We support them and they support us.

Join An Advance Team

What Mutual Support Entails

Choose One of Two Ways to Participate in an Advance Team:

(1) Join a Team of 10.
Purchase a copy of the Great Pivot Study Guide, for $69.50, which includes all fees—handling, shipping, online course platform and taxes. You will receive the Study Guide’s Prison Report and Climate Report, via USPS Ground Advantage. Online access to Leadership Training Module 1 is via link to We will offer you a choice of Teams of 10, whether local or online. Teams of 10 and 1 instructor meet three or more times. The Study Guide is a point of departure for our meetings. Often additional information is made available. Teams of 10 work in tandem with Networkers, too. All sales are final. On occasion, two or more Teams of 10 convene together.

(2) Become a Networker, which, in turn, will connect you to a Team of 10.
Invest $12.99. You will receive intelligence briefs, talking points and ice breakers, via email. You are able to advance the Great Pivot, backstopped by the expertise of the assigned Team of 10, and CfAR HQ. All sales are final.

The main point of the Hubs, including Teams of 10 and Networkers, is to advance the Power of Ten, as discussed in the Great Pivot Call to Action.

(3) Additional memberships, including additional leadership training, will be made available. (See, for instance, Leadership Training Modules Two and Three.) We have a rumble channel care of Dr Arminio’s “America Resurgent with Dr Joe Arminio.” Videos for our Locals channel are ready but not yet posted.

Questions: Please call the CfAR HQ, at 302.300.9611.

Donate to The Great Pivot, as well!