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Courses in Politics, Economics, History and Public Policy

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A Plan To Bring About America’s Resurgence (PTBAAR)

“Bringing About America’s Resurgence “includes Modules 1 and 2 of PTBAAR, free!

“How Schools Boards Can Have A Profound Effect” includes Module 1 of PTBAAR, free!

“What To Do About The Creature” includes
Module 2 of PTBAAR, free!


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Ebooks in Politics, Economics, History and Public Policy

Primed For Resurgence

This ebook in 2 parts introduces the essence of all the ebooks and all the courses. Each part, numbering about 30 pages (250 words per page) takes about 30 minutes to read.

The author’s promise to you.

Having read “Primed For  Resurgence,”

  • You will know exactly the source of our country’s grief.
  • You will know “what to do” in general terms — how to rescue America and bring about a far greater prosperity for yourself and for your neighbor.
  • You will be able to direct your political involvement effectively and efficiently.
  • You will be able to distinguish or be far more able to distinguish friend from foe.
  • And you will know where to find detailed information about “what to do.”

America In Crisis

Sun Tzu’s Art of War, the most insightful manual of strategy ever written, stresses the following: know the enemy, know yourself; win every time! How well do most conservative activists really know the political battlefield? Just because a group or individual claims to be or is referred to as conservative, doesnt mean that they really are. Furthermore, to listen to “conservative” pundits and politicians, we are to believe that the country is divided into evil left and heroic right, except for some vague force–“globalists” or “rinos”–that have infiltrated and weakened the right. This course, relying upon the ebook by the same name, America In Crisis, presents the various contending factions, in concrete, specific terms, as they really are. It pinpoints the “globalists,” too. For good measure, it concretely and specifically follows America’s trajectory from colonial days down to today. It shows you who really has the power, how they accumulate it and what they are doing with it. It shines light upon important speeches, and the think tanks that shape so much of conservative thinking and action. Key funding trails of the Left and Right are followed. Those major institutions that have the greatest impact on public policy are examined. Along the way, learn about brilliant solutions that early-Americas promoted and that could yet be revived, to the immense benefit of us all.

Killing America

Is it any wonder why America is in such trouble? The conservative press, think tanks and leadership tend to address every issue under the sun but the most important issue of all–the destructiveness of the Federal Reserve (Banking) System (what some call ‘The Creature from Jekyll Island’ or ‘The Creature of 1913’) and the related peril of “stakeholder capitalism.” Moreover, the issue of the Federal Reserve (and stakeholder capitalism) is integral to every other issue in America. Yet, the tendency is to tackle issue X or Y or Z in isolation, as if the Federal Reserve doesn’t exist and stakeholder capitalism isn’t being rolled out. Building upon the three Ebooks, America In Crisis, Killing America: The Destructive Federal Reserve System And Evil Stakeholder Capitalism, And How To Turn Things Around, and A Plan To Bring About America’s Resurgence and Module 2 of A Plan To Bring About America’s Resurgence–this course–“What To Do About The Creature Of 1913?”–examines America’s supreme problem. Also, this course lays out a wide assortment of short-term fixes and long-term reforms of our deeply flawed banking system. These solutions are amazing, mostly drawn from early American, quintessentially conservative, thinking. Some of these solutions can be applied at the local level. Laymen and busy leaders are the intended audience of this course.

Big Impact School-Board Activism

ALSO compare CfAR’s school-board course to the competitors’ programs.

Critical race theory is but the latest outrage being inflicted on public education. Unfortunately, the tendency among school-board reformers is to confine reform to the easy-to-understand issue of the day and hour. (It usually is the issue most commonly cited in the conservative press, as well.) This course, drawing from the two ebooks, America In Crisis and Big Impact School Board Activism and Module 1 of A Plan To Bring About America’s Resurgence, will enable you to see the public-school crisis in unusually, broad terms. At the heart of this crisis is the seriously deficient education in civics. George Orwell warned us a long time ago, saying, that those who control the present, control the past (the teaching of the past) and ultimately, control the future. This course will help you see that the education in civics that you received and that our youth presently receive instills a dangerous illusion. There is the illusion of an adequate portrayal of political power; our textbooks go on and on about the vaunted, checks-and-balance within the government. But they fail to map and convey where the main locus of power lies. Furthermore, prior reform movements, even among the right, have overlooked subtle efforts in the textbooks to undermine Christianity. The course entitled How School Boards Can Have A Profound Effect On America may surprise you not only for what still needs to be taught our youth but also because of certain myths you yourself may have unwittingly picked up when you were in school or over the years. Another benefit of the course is the outlining of way to improve school-curriculum by a factor of 10, at less than 10% the cost of the typical public-school budget. Yes; you read that correctly! 10 times better; at one-tenth the cost. Above all, you will discover the incredible opportunity that school-board activism presents. If done right, a position on a school board is, in an important sense, not unlike holding a seat in Congress!


EBooks in Politics, Economics, History and Public Policy

Table Of Contents

Part One
What is the Main Cause of America’s Distress?
What is being done about It? (A Lot!)
What should You do?

Part Two
How the Globalists hid Authentic Conservatism
False Objections meant to keep us Subordinate and to
   deflect us from the Best and Fastest Way to Revive


Courses in Public Speaking

“Public Speaking Basics”

In just a few hours, you will learn the basics of how top leaders throughout history constructed responsible, persuasive speeches. You will learn how to dissect, in basic fashion, someone else’s speech. You will learn how to craft (and if you wish deliver) your own brief speech. Critiques are provided throughout the course. The course is a distillation of classical rhetoric. As such, it is superior to the prevailing way of teaching public speaking, otherwise known as Communication Studies.

“Public Speaking Intermediate”

This course builds on CfAR’s Public Speaking Basics. Public Speaking Intermediate is more analytical and rigorous. Intermediate requires more upfront labor but the dividends are impressive. Basics introduces the major parts of a speech. Intermediate takes you into the subparts. These subparts are where the real action is! This is how powerful pro and con arguments are thoroughly harvested and how just the right subset of arguments are chosen to suit the occasion and audience of a speech. Like Basics, the Intermediate course is a distillation of classical rhetoric and typically not found elsewhere.

Courses in Public Speaking
Their Video Lectures’ Tables of Contents


CfAR’s Course — “How School Boards Can Have A Profound Effect On America”
Competitors’ School Board Programs

PROs and CONs


Module One of PTBAAR.
This material provides the big picture of politics and economics. And it 
distills the entire universe of relevant information pertaining to public schools. 
Dr Arminio.
This world-class instructor helps you master the material and apply it to your exact, particular needs and goals.
Material that mostly describes the mechanics of running for school board and that informs you about the latest wokist initiative amied at the public schools, and about a quick fix or two.  
Instructors of limited expertise.
Such expertise suffices if the goal is to have you play a rudimentary role in the public-school fight.
Takes little time to learn and gets you into the fight fast. 
Seems to assume that school-board activism is like taking orders. “Conservative” press and national leaders tell you what the problem is and what to do; all you do is say “Aye, aye” and attack the foe they point at, in the way they tell you to attack.
Requires somewhat more study and thought, up front, but pays big dividends. The risk of haste making waste is minimized.
Assumes that something is amiss in national leadership circles, including “conservative”  circles. (How else could the country be in such a mess!). Best to be very broadly informed and equipped to think for yourself. Best to know all the options, ranging from quick fixes to  deep, lasting solutions.

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