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Joseph Arminio, PhD, is our Senior Instructor.

Call us and request your free consultation, lasting 30 minutes.

Dr Arminio can probably get a working sense of your needs in a short time. His experience is extensive including:–

*   Former candidate
     the US House
*   Consultant on the Hill
*   Pentagon contractor
*   Defense business 
     development manager
*   Washington, DC think-
     tank analyst
*   Publisher of an award-
     winning tabloid mostly
     reporting on Maryland 
     county governments,
     state government, and         local and state politics
*   Professor of US 
     government, inter-
national relations and
political rhetoric
*   Speech writer for
     candidates and activists
*   Commentator on a great 
     many tv and radio
*   Public speaker on
     numerous occasions in 
     the US and UK
*   Instructor for high-
     school, AP History
*   Coach for formal debate
     in grades 6-12 and 
*   Coach/senior-participant
     in sophisticated version 
     of Model Congress and 
     Model UN
*   Book Author
*   Author of numerous 
*   MIT PhD in Political 
     Science, with concentra-
     tion in Defense Policy


Yes; knowledge is power. Those whom we work for are amazed at what our populist, authentic conservative think tank brings to bear! 

CfAR is ready to help you in any of several ways. First of all, our courses provide the vital background in public policy, economics and history. Also, these courses lay out specific action that needs taking if our republic is to survive, let alone rise to new heights. Having taken the measure of government studies in education at the secondary and higher levels, and of what other, conservative think tanks offer, I assure that what we offer, you have not seen before.   

And we offer hourly or flat rate services. For instance, we can train you or your staff in public speaking. Or undertake research for you. 

Let us show you how to maximize your political efforts!

Our courses are geared to activism at every level, local, state and national. They range across public policy, history and  leadership. They combine Ebook and live instruction. Relatively short, these courses are meant for busy adults and youth (grades 10-12 and college). 

We can position you to be on a par, in crucial ways, with top leadership, including the think tanks, in the conservative movement. 


Joseph Arminio acquired his research skills in MIT’s doctoral program in Political Science. He received his Doctorate for having solved the riddle of how China’s first enduring empire came into existence, with very little fighting at all. (See his Grand Strategy of the Han Empire.) A long career in public policy, as a practitioner (including as a US House candidate, on the 2008 Maryland, Ron Paul, Congressional Ticket), college professor, author and, more recently, leader of an institute coaching secondary and college students in public-policy debate, led him to develop, over the past 18 months, the leadership training program that informs the Coalition for America’s Resurgence. The kernel idea of the program was set down in his article, “Public School Boards and National Greatness,” which was published in the Oklahoma Conservative Political Action Committee’s OCPAC Weekly Newsletter of March 8, 2021 and in The capstone of the program is the course “Bringing About America’s Resurgence,” which includes “How School Boards Can Have a Profound Effect on America.”

High school and college history courses (including AP) have been conveying  substandard narratives for nearly a century.

Student speech and debate–
forensics–(for grades 6 to 12 and college) typically falls far short of utilizing all relevant arguments and evidence.

Dr Arminio and his staff bring to bear the supreme techniques of classical rhetoric and truely fair-minded,
multi-perspectives (not only “liberal” and “conservative” perspec-tives).  

All our courses have direct application for teachers and students. 

In addition to the aforementioned courses, we offer 3 debate courses (novice, intermediate and advanced), care of our sister organization, Statesman Debate Institute.

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