Staring Into The Abyss Of World Government

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Although this article is addressed to the residents of Oklahoma, it has tremendous relevance for all Americans. This article reveals the buildup of the foul World Health Organization, going back to 1948. It tracks the Oklahoma congressional delegations responses to this buildup and compares their responses to that of the delegations of the other 49 states. 

It would be foolish for Oklahomans to think that they are safe inside the geographic center of American conservatism. It would be foolish to think that they can concentrate on state and local affairs, and leave the more complex issues—especially national and international issues—to others. Instead, Oklahoma, like every other state, is staring, this very moment, into the abyss of world government. 

The aspiring enforcer of world government is the foul World Health Organization (WHO), founded in 1948. Incrementally and quietly, over the course of three-quarters of a century, and with the witting or unwitting help of even some in the US government, the WHO, at the behest of the top globalists—many top leaders within global banks and Big Pharma–has been gradually laying siege to the United States, and the rest of the world. This very spring and summer, the WHO is poised for the kill shot.

Bill Gates, a major promoter and funder of the WHO

Is the Biden Administration a crucial enabler of the kill shot? Mr Biden—yes, an American president—wants the United States, as well as every other country, to cede tremendous power, if not total power to the WHO! With suspiciously little publicity, the White House has proposed that the WHO’s “International Health Regulations” (IHR) should be strengthened to an extraordinary degree. 

In order to get his way, Biden needs the WHO Assembly to vote yes on his proposed massive expansion of the writ of the executive branch of the WHO. The Assembly, consisting of delegates of the member countries, and wielding one vote per country, ostensibly is the relevant decision maker. The first time that the Assembly could have voted on Biden’s proposal was May 22-28, in the WHO’s headquarters in Geneva. It seems that an attempt was made to pass the proposal, but, thank God, the necessary number of votes were not quite there. The next window to get the proposal passed is in mid-June, say observers. If and when approved, Biden’s core proposal could take effect in as short a time as six months. (Presently, approved proposals take effect in twelve months.)

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director General

The strengthening of the WHO that Biden is pushing, would give the WHO Director-General the authority, on his own, to declare a “public health emergency” in the US (or anywhere else) and to “assist” the US, anyway he chooses. What on earth prompted Biden to want to boost the authority of the WHO? Elected, a few days ago, to another five-year term, the Director-General (Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus) is an Ethiopian communist, and an asset of Communist China. It can be easily shown that his handling of covid has been abysmal and callous. Biden’s proposal would seem to open us up to an onslaught of “public-health” foreign and domestic, draconian police, or even armies.

What if a sitting US president were to collaborate with the strengthened WHO and hand us over to the WHO’s enforcement of what it says is “good health”? In that event, our only possible recourse would be the protection afforded by state and local governments, such as it is. Even local resistance could be futile, however. In two years, the proposed, dread WHO Pandemic Treaty, including its mandate for universal, digital “vaccine” passports, is scheduled for a vote in the WHO Assembly. It should be anticipated that this Treaty would also arm the WHO Director General with the power to penalize heavily any country that turns down his offers of future “assistance.” And passage of the Treaty might lead quickly to the mandated implanting of microchips in the world’s population.

Oklahoma Leaders’ Resistance to the Peril of the WHO

This brings me to Oklahoma’s leadership. To what extent have Oklahoma’s congressional and state leaders been resisting the rise of the WHO? I realize that the individuals who are representing the state now and who have represented it in the past, are greatly accomplished, generally solid conservatives and have taken on immense responsibilities for the public. Even so, we must weigh their actions in regard to the WHO as accurately as possible, for the peril we face is life or death.

First, some commendations are in order. On May 25, Congressman Markwayne Mullin publicly declared that the US should withdraw from the WHO. State Senator Nathan Dahm and State Representative Sean Roberts are among those at the state level who are opposed to the WHO power grab, too. Moreover, US Senators Jim Inhofe and Jim Lankford have pushed mightily to have Taiwan heavily involved in the WHO. Taiwan, very close by to Communist China, is beautifully positioned to monitor the mainland for the outbreak of infectious disease there. Although the WHO is advancing an evil agenda, it helps to have our ally Taiwan, inside the WHO. Meanwhile, Beijing does everything it can to discredit and weaken Taiwan.

Oklahoma Leaders’ Response to the Peril of the WHO From 1948 through 2019

The aforementioned several good stands aside, the Oklahoma congressional delegation needs to do far more than it has historically done vis-à-vis the WHO. To some degree, one can overlook their pedestrian response to the threat posed by this globalist agency, prior to the covid crisis of 2020. The Constitution of the WHO, which the Democrat President Truman and the Republican-led Senate and House, including Oklahoma’s two Senators, agreed to, in 1948, hardly established a ready-made, world tyranny. On the other hand, the door was now open to two, possible nefarious developments. 

  • For one thing, the day might come in which an avalanche of international, “public-health” regulations would be piled on top of the growing and already seemingly innumerable federal regulations suffocating Americans.  
  • Two, the ongoing interaction between a globalist WHO and US officials might lead to the emergence of a powerful, globalist, pro-WHO constituency within the US, not unlike a Trojan horse. And couldn’t such a Trojan horse be aided and abetted by globalist, big businesses handing out “emoluments” (Thomas Jefferson’s term for money exchanged for political favors)?

The imposition of overbearing, international regulations and construction of a “Trojan horse,” became far more likely a mere 21 years after the birth of the “public-health” ogre in Geneva. In 1969, the WHO decreed, via its Assembly of member countries, that henceforth all members must meet certain “public-health” protocols at all “points of entry,” ie, border crossings, seaports and airports. Those regulations were extended across all the territories of all WHO members, in 2005. Republican presidents, Nixon and Bush, went along with these increases in regulations; Oklahoma’s congressional delegations did, too.

Oklahoma Leader’s Response to the Peril of the WHO in 2020

As of early 2020, there has been an urgent need for Oklahomans in Congress to stand up to the WHO. Instead, resistance has been mostly tepid. Two years ago, the WHO’s frightening agenda became much more clear. Its Director General blocked all attempts to discern the true source of the covid breakout; praised Communist China’s brutal covid lockdowns; enabled the dispersion of infected Chinese across the globe; pushed for harmful lockdowns across the globe; ruled out, highly effective, inexpensive preventative or mitigating measures, such as ivermectin; and put all their faith in high-risk, slow-to-develop “vaccines.”

In 2020, I don’t believe any Oklahoman in the Senate or House got involved in any legislation to corral the WHO, save for promoting Taiwan’s standing vis-a-vis this organization. To their credit, a small handful of Republicans in both chambers—not from Oklahoma–did take action against the WHO. One of those Senators who acted was even from the blue state, New Jersey! The failure of Oklahomans to act against the WHO in 2020 is doubly disappointing insofar as President Trump provided the perfect cover: he was justifiably furious about the WHO’s covid response; in July 2020, he gave notice that the US would withdraw from the WHO as soon as possible. (The date for withdrawal was set for July 6, 2021. According to the US commitment to the WHO in 1948, one year’s notice to leave is necessary.)

Oklahoman Leaders’ Response to the Peril of the WHO in 2021 and 2022

Within hours of being sworn in, President Biden rescinded his predecessors executive order to pull out of the WHO. Where was the Republican outrage in Congress over what Biden had done? There was none. In this instance, Oklahoma’s members stood down, like all their conservative colleagues. What a contrast to what the Democrats did when Trump gave his order to quit the WHO! Within days of issuing that order, 29 Democrats in the Senate—about 3 in every 5 Democrats in that chamber–expressed, via legislation, their anger over that order.

It is now time to discuss what I fear should be called the “net-zero” action of May 28, 2021. With great fanfare, the entire Oklahoma US-House delegation, namely, Congressmen Markwayne Mullin, Tim Cole, Frank Lucas and Kevin Hern, and Congresswoman Stephanie Bice, joined 204 other Republicans in the House, in protest against the WHO. These 209 members signed a letter that was sent to Speaker Pelosi, urging that the Democrats, then (and now) in control of the House hold hearings into the whole sordid covid affair, including investigating the WHO. How justified the 209 were in their request!

Could it be that there were two big problems with the aforementioned letter, however? First, this letter may have perpetuated the globalists’ (including the WHO’s) false narrative about covid. The first paragraph of the letter suggests that about 600,000 Americans had died, up to that time, because of covid. This is among the scary figures that the WHO is pushing. What if, as is far more likely, covid was not directly responsible for most deaths, rather had accentuated comorbidities in most of the 600,000?

Here is the second big problem with the letter of May 28, 2021. The letter assigns blame for the aforementioned 600,000 deaths to Communist China alone, assuming that covid originated from within that country. What if the US itself could have essentially intercepted covid—regardless of its place of origin—before covid could have stressed to the breaking point those great many who were harboring comorbidities? How, pray tell, could the US have “intercepted” covid in the nick of time? Many in the non-globalist medical community have long maintained that simple, inexpensive measures, such as ivermectin, could have worked wonders in the face of covid. Instead, the US establishment—in step with the thinking of the WHO–went out of its way to prohibit the use of preexisting, sturdy health measures, such as ivermectin, and relied virtually exclusively upon experimental vaccines that could not possibly be ready in time. And isn’t the decision of the US to rely upon “vaccines” even more disturbing when one factors in government data? The official numbers of deaths and severe adverse reactions following close on the heels of getting “jabbed,” are staggering.

Is it possible that the two big problems in the May-28 letter are symptomatic? Is it possible that some of the globalist, wrong-headed thinking of the WHO has clouded the thinking of even many in the conservative movement? Has the decision of the US to join the WHO in 1948 already brought us into a period of dire consequences?


I regret to suggest that to a significant degree the Oklahoma top leadership, like most of the conservative leaders everywhere else, have been sleep walking, in regard to the WHO. To be fair to Oklahoma’s leaders, a confluence of perverse distractions is surely in play: they are compelled to spend much of their time fundraising; their remaining time is consumed in a host of grave issues, in addition to the peril of WHO. Nor should we forget that they have been outstanding in many areas. Think, for instance, of the rightful stands that the senior-most member of the delegation, Senator Inhofe, has taken on such weighty matters as the Paris Climate Accord and the US Armed Forces. Even so, would it not have been advantageous if the entire Oklahoma congressional delegation had come out against Biden’s proposed, massive strengthening of the WHO, the moment (or right after) he dared air his proposal? (He aired it on January 18.) Instead, four months passed before anyone in the Oklahoma delegation took a formal stand against Biden’s proposal. On May 25, Congressman Mullin, as indicated above, became the first and so far only publicly dissenting voice of the 7 Oklahomans in Congress.

For all that, there is still time to head off the world tyranny. May the most important leaders in Oklahoma’s political life (and in the other 49 states), awaken in full to the danger. Moreover, may they be inspired by the example of the Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro who, on May 26, publicly denounced and categorically rejected Biden’s proposed amendments to the WHO.

Ultimately, it is a matter of the utmost importance that every Oklahoman take a stand against the WHO and world government. Oklahoma occupies the very crossroads of America. If all of you will stand tall for liberty, your bravery will inspire every state around you and beyond.

Dr Joe Arminio

Editor’s Note

Joe Arminio, hailing from Delaware, lives vicariously through the great many conservatives of Oklahoma (and elsewhere). He is the founder of the Coalition for America’s Resurgence (CfAR), a populist, authentic conservative think tank and movement. CfAR is headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, it’s url is Arminio ran for the US House in the 2008 Maryland primary. Before he ran, he published an award-winning, public-policy tabloid (The Citizens’ Monitor), focusing mostly on domestic policy. In the late 1990s, he chaired the National Coalition for Defense, whose advisory board numbered nearly 50–mostly retired officers from every branch of military service. Among the members of this illustrious board were William T Lee, Senior Executive Service (Retired), Defense Intelligence Agency; Admiral James ‘Ace’ Lyons, Commander-in-Chief Pacific Fleet (Retired), under President Reagan, and, above all, US Senator Jim Inhofe. As a final point, MIT awarded Joe Arminio the PhD in Political Science, with concentrations in International Relations and National Defense Policy.

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